IDSA 2022 Finalist

2022 IDEA Featured Finalist!

The International Design Excellence Awards recognize exceptional achievement in industrial design. It is one of the longest-running design awards programs, making it one of the most anticipated.

We are pleased to announce we received a 2022 IDEA Finalist Award for our work with Krado!

Krado’s ultimate mission is to build a greener future with the Leaflet Plant Care System, a comprehensive solution to growing healthy plants.

Krado Leaflet Sensor, Designed by Hatch Duo

We partnered with Krado to design their Leaflet sensor, which is 100% 3D printed using the latest additive manufacturing practices. The sensor monitors critical environmental factors that influence plant health, such as soil moisture, ambient temperature, humidity, and light.

The Leaflet Plant Care System is the first end-to-end solution for plant care and we are grateful to have played a role in its success. Congratulations to Krado and our design team for this fantastic achievement!

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