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  • IDSA 2022 Finalist

    IDSA 2022 Finalist

    The International Design Excellence Awards recognize exceptional achievement in industrial design. It is one of the longest-running design awards programs, making it one of the most anticipated. We are pleased to announce we received a 2022 IDEA Finalist Award for our work with Krado! Krado’s ultimate mission is to build a greener future with the […]

  • Hatch-22: Designing During A Pandemic – ID Exploration

    Have you ever wondered how your favorite technology devices were designed and brought to market? Even more, how are they developed during a global pandemic? In our first-ever “design-umentary,” you’ll get an inside look at our design process as we work from home. Join us, Hatch Duo, and our friends at Rubbish, as we bring […]

  • Looking Back At 2020 & Forward To 2021

    Culture If there is any lesson we should take away from 2020, designing a healthy work culture and having a dependable team is just as important as the design work itself. This year reawakened us as a society to address racial inequalities. It is heartbreaking to know it took a global pandemic for the Black […]

  • Get Ready To Clean Up In Style

    ANNOUNCEMENT Our mission at Hatch Duo is to invest in the development and innovation of products that positively impact the environment for future generations. And so, with this in mind, we are thrilled and excited to announce our partnership with Rubbish, a San Francisco-based startup aiming to gamify litter pick-up! Rubbish’s ultimate goal is to harness […]

  • AER Mesh Network Drone

    The AER mesh network drone was a fun in-office concept project we worked on. In particularly low-signal areas, it deploys multiple units into the field to provide a temporary outdoor mesh wireless network. Using AI to find the nearest 5G signal, the drone also positions itself for other units to connect to it and extend signals over […]


    Halloween may look a little different this time around, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t have some fun! As we approach Halloween, our squad decided to go late 80’s/early 90’s with a recreation of the “Full House” theme song. Enjoy, and we hope you all have a safe and socially-distanced Halloween week/weekend!