Hatch-22: Designing During A Pandemic – ID Exploration

Have you ever wondered how your favorite technology devices were designed and brought to market? Even more, how are they developed during a global pandemic? In our first-ever “design-umentary,” you’ll get an inside look at our design process as we work from home. Join us, Hatch Duo, and our friends at Rubbish, as we bring the world’s first smart litter picker-upper to life during a pandemic.

In our first episode, we introduced you to Rubbish, a San Francisco-based startup aiming to gamify litter pickup. In the previous episode, you saw Hatch Duo get an understanding of Rubbish’s brand through visual branding exercises. Following these exercises, the Hatch Duo team went on to complete Phase 1B of the project: understanding Ergonomics and UX/UI of the Rubbish beam. Doing so allowed Hatch Duo to understand the beam’s pain points and get more of an idea of what aspects of the beam needed to be re-designed.

In episode three, the real fun begins! You’ll get an inside look at Hatch Duo’s initial ideation process as the Industrial Design team begins Phase 2 of the project: ID Exploration. In this phase, they take all aspects learned from Phase 1 and apply it to their ideation process, which includes sketching, and in most cases to really visualize their ideas, CAD/rendering.

After agreeing to sketch under three grip configurations, you’ll see the Hatch Duo team present three concepts for Rubbish to choose from. Which grip configuration will Rubbish go with? See now in episode three of our design documentary above.

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