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  • How We Designed (Season Two)

    How We Designed (Season Two)

    We are excited to announce that season two of our YouTube Shorts Series, “How We Designed,” will launch tomorrow. For season two, we invite you to explore our work with Grind Basketball, hosted by Hatch Duo’s co-founder and Principal Engineer, Mike Yim. As a slight deviation from our typical design process, our Mechanical Engineering team […]

  • IDSA 2022 Finalist

    IDSA 2022 Finalist

    The International Design Excellence Awards recognize exceptional achievement in industrial design. It is one of the longest-running design awards programs, making it one of the most anticipated. We are pleased to announce we received a 2022 IDEA Finalist Award for our work with Krado! Krado’s ultimate mission is to build a greener future with the […]

  • How We Designed: A Shorts Series

    How We Designed: A Shorts Series

    One of the most common questions we get from prospective clients is, “What have you designed that is similar to my product?” Understandably, prospective clients want to know a team’s design experience before engaging. With this question in mind, we’re excited to introduce you to our new YouTube Shorts Series, “How We Designed,” where we […]

  • Into the Metaverse: Exploring the Future of Remote Work & Product Development

    Into the Metaverse: Exploring the Future of Remote Work & Product Development

    Exciting News To Close Out the Year As we prepare to officially reach the third year of the pandemic, our team continues to address the “new normal” in remote work. Of course, if you’ve been following along with us, you know we embrace remote work; in fact, we’ve always valued prioritizing time for design work […]

  • Red Dot Design Awards: Product Design 2021

    Red Dot Design Awards: Product Design 2021

    The Red Dot Award is one of the most internationally known and sought-after awards in the design industry. Each year, the Red Dot Jury convenes, evaluates, and recognizes the best of product design, brands & communication design, and design concepts worldwide. With this said, we are thrilled to announce we have received two Red Dot […]

  • Why We Invested In Rubbish

    Love Where You Live Why do people litter? We’re often told about the billions of dollars spent to clean it up, or even how a majority of it ends up in our oceans, impacting wildlife and ultimately, contributing to climate change. Like most things in life, maybe it’s because we’re not fully aware of our […]

  • Introducing Our Very First ‘Design-umentary’

    As you may have read our announcement two weeks ago regarding our partnership with San Francisco startup, Rubbish, we are also proud to announce our documentation of the entire process! Premiering in 2021 on our YouTube channel, we want to give you all an inside look at our design process. Unlike other design documentaries, however, […]

  • Get Ready To Clean Up In Style

    ANNOUNCEMENT Our mission at Hatch Duo is to invest in the development and innovation of products that positively impact the environment for future generations. And so, with this in mind, we are thrilled and excited to announce our partnership with Rubbish, a San Francisco-based startup aiming to gamify litter pick-up! Rubbish’s ultimate goal is to harness […]

  • ICYMI: California By Design

    In case you missed it, here is our feature in CBS’ California By Design. Our segment begins at the 4:55 mark. Thank you again for the opportunity and to those who tuned in! We have enjoyed seeing the other amazing innovations throughout the series. Whether through using unconventional materials or thinking of the next big […]

  • California By Design

    We’re going to be on TV! One of our 2019 highlights was participating in more video shoots; the first, as a promotional video for Hatch Duo, and the other, for California By Design. Airing on Saturdays on CBS, California By Design takes an in-depth look at emerging and innovative products/technology. We were fortunate enough to […]