The Secret Behind A Successfully Designed Product

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Paul Rand

Do you want to know the secret formula behind a successfully designed product? Also known as a “brand promise,” design language refers to what your company desires to communicate to your end-users.

At Hatch Duo, we believe visual branding and product development should be intertwined. Entrepreneurs, have you considered how valuable a visual branding language would be to your physical products as you scale? Designers, how often are you “thinking ahead” of the roadmap to lay the foundation for a unified product line?

We believe the most successful product companies are brand-focused, as opposed to product/feature-focused. We’ve taken this long-term perspective in our design process to empower our clients. We identify brand elements and strategically target our desired outcome before ever putting pen to paper.

Do you believe branding makes a difference in the success of a product? How do you translate that into your design process? How do you translate that into business success?

Check out our video above as Hatch Duo co-founder and Principal Designer, Jon, breaks down the importance of visual design language.

He discusses how visual design language plays an essential role for the following:
1. Brand Consistency
2. Differentiation: it helps distinguish you from the rest of the market
3. Consistency: it unifies voice, visual identity, and audience/target market
4. Subsequent Ease: it makes the development of following product lines easier because there are established guidelines

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