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  • Why You Should Integrate Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering In Early-Stage Product Development

    Why You Should Integrate Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering In Early-Stage Product Development

    Multidisciplinary Teams Are Key To Innovation Today’s business world is more complex and ever-changing than ever before. Your team must constantly innovate for your business to succeed and stay ahead of the competition. Simply put, you need to bring together groups of employees with different skills and perspectives to work on new ideas. Multidisciplinary teams […]

  • The Secret Behind A Successfully Designed Product

    Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. Paul Rand Do you want to know the secret formula behind a successfully designed product? Also known as a “brand promise,” design language refers to what your company desires to communicate to your end-users. At Hatch Duo, we believe visual branding and product development should be intertwined. […]

  • Why We Invested In Rubbish

    Love Where You Live Why do people litter? We’re often told about the billions of dollars spent to clean it up, or even how a majority of it ends up in our oceans, impacting wildlife and ultimately, contributing to climate change. Like most things in life, maybe it’s because we’re not fully aware of our […]

  • We Just Celebrated Our Three-Year Anniversary!

    We are happy and blessed to say Hatch Duo turned three years old yesterday! Check out our 3-year journey condensed into one minute in the video above! What a journey it has been! From quitting our corporate jobs to freelancing, designing Aggregate Watches, taking the leap into entrepreneurship, and now having a design firm to […]

  • Introducing Our Very First ‘Design-umentary’

    As you may have read our announcement two weeks ago regarding our partnership with San Francisco startup, Rubbish, we are also proud to announce our documentation of the entire process! Premiering in 2021 on our YouTube channel, we want to give you all an inside look at our design process. Unlike other design documentaries, however, […]

  • Risking It All For Entrepreneurship

    Would you quit a well-paying, steady, and corporate job to be your own boss? Even more, would you do so to design a concrete watch from the ground up? If you’re a young entrepreneur in need of motivation or inspiration to chase your dreams, this video is for you! Join Hatch Duo co-founders Jon and […]


    As a startup design consultancy that serves other startups, we pride ourselves on being nimble and wearing various hats. Join Mike as he offers his top three quick skills and tips needed to be a successful engineer and consultant. Talents required to be a successful engineer and consultant include a combination of interpersonal and knowledge-based […]


    We interviewed our team before about the importance of CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) in product development. It plays a huge role in brand recognition and becomes the distinguishing factor between prototype and market readiness. For designers, CMF allows us to communicate who the brand is for, how their product is used, and proper market positioning. CMF […]

  • The Value of Mechanical Engineering

    Written By Mike Yim We’ve talked before about the value of design, but what about the other half of our company, the engineering side? Mechanical engineering is defined as “developing, testing, and building mechanical and thermal sensors and devices” (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). To us, it goes beyond building the product. Without even realizing […]