As a startup design consultancy that serves other startups, we pride ourselves on being nimble and wearing various hats. Join Mike as he offers his top three quick skills and tips needed to be a successful engineer and consultant. Talents required to be a successful engineer and consultant include a combination of interpersonal and knowledge-based skills.


Because engineering is very technical and relies on identifying a client’s pain points, communication and listening are key to being successful in the field. Additionally, as people hire you to become their subject matter experts, engineers must be able to communicate their knowledge in digestible ways.


More often than not, problems will always arise in product development–especially for startups that are looking to launch their first product. Engineers must possess problem-solving abilities, such as innovative and creative thinking. Problem-solving requires logic and allows you to anticipate potential future setbacks, and ways in which to prevent them.

Time Management

Time management is crucial in the startup realm. Specifically for Hatch Duo, team members often have to wear different hats and effective time management allows us to achieve more in a shorter amount of time.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Good communication, problem-solving, and time management skills will allow you to thrive in any industry. And of course, there are more notable traits that will allow you to be successful as an engineer and consultant. What are the skills you look for in a potential business partnership and/or client relationship? Comment and share your thoughts with us!

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