Risking It All For Entrepreneurship

Would you quit a well-paying, steady, and corporate job to be your own boss? Even more, would you do so to design a concrete watch from the ground up? If you’re a young entrepreneur in need of motivation or inspiration to chase your dreams, this video is for you!

Join Hatch Duo co-founders Jon and Mike as they talk about how they craved to carve their path and decided to take the ultimate career risk by venturing into entrepreneurship! They talk about what inspired them to launch their first business, Aggregate, what it took to design concrete watches from scratch, and essentially, how they bet it all for entrepreneurship. Broken up into three parts, Jon and Mike talk about how they met/why they decided to pursue a partnership, how and why they decided concrete for designing a watch, and what makes Aggregate unique. They also offer some quick tips for young entrepreneurs and creatives that may want to pursue their product ideas!

Entrepreneurship at any stage comes with many hardships. While it seemed particularly risky at the time for Jon, they were also met with some notable rewards along the way. Features in GQ Magazine, CBS’ TV series, California By Design, and collaborations with well-known Bay Area brand, Adapt, have made the experiences all worth it.

From Doordashing to freelancing, Jon and Mike worked tirelessly to achieve their dream of owning their very own business. As you all know, this dream has since evolved into launching their second business, Hatch Duo, a design consultancy that helps tech startups launch their product ideas.

If you don’t start now, when are you going to start?

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