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  • Why AI Will Never Replace Designers

    Why AI Will Never Replace Designers

    In the longer-term future, AI may be able to create more complex machines, like automated cars or planes. After all, if a machine can create designs, what will stop it from eventually outperforming human designers, right? Fair question. But it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s unlikely that AI will replace design jobs entirely in […]

  • Should Industrial Designers Be Required To “Think Like” Mechanical Engineers & Vice Versa?

    Should Industrial Designers Be Required To “Think Like” Mechanical Engineers & Vice Versa?

    Can industrial designers become mechanical engineers? Can mechanical engineers become industrial designers? It’s no secret that industrial designers and mechanical engineers have their specific fields of expertise. But what happens when those fields of expertise collide and squeeze onto a thin line between industrial design and mechanical engineering? We believe it’s beneficial for all disciplines […]

  • The Secret Behind A Successfully Designed Product

    Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. Paul Rand Do you want to know the secret formula behind a successfully designed product? Also known as a “brand promise,” design language refers to what your company desires to communicate to your end-users. At Hatch Duo, we believe visual branding and product development should be intertwined. […]

  • How Collaborating Can Help You Build Memorable Product Experiences

    First and foremost, thank you and sending a massive shout-out to our friend, Evan Lessler, for joining us in this mini entrepreneur roundtable. When we started our first business, Aggregate, we were looking to collaborate. Because we’ve always been such huge fans and supporters of a well-known Bay Area brand, Adapt, we thought, “Why not […]

  • We Just Celebrated Our Three-Year Anniversary!

    We are happy and blessed to say Hatch Duo turned three years old yesterday! Check out our 3-year journey condensed into one minute in the video above! What a journey it has been! From quitting our corporate jobs to freelancing, designing Aggregate Watches, taking the leap into entrepreneurship, and now having a design firm to […]

  • Risking It All For Entrepreneurship

    Would you quit a well-paying, steady, and corporate job to be your own boss? Even more, would you do so to design a concrete watch from the ground up? If you’re a young entrepreneur in need of motivation or inspiration to chase your dreams, this video is for you! Join Hatch Duo co-founders Jon and […]

  • The Value of Mechanical Engineering

    Written By Mike Yim We’ve talked before about the value of design, but what about the other half of our company, the engineering side? Mechanical engineering is defined as “developing, testing, and building mechanical and thermal sensors and devices” (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). To us, it goes beyond building the product. Without even realizing […]