Got Juice? The Walker Juicer: A Hatch Duo Concept Project

“There is no question whatever about the fact that we are exactly what we eat. There is no other way in which the cells and tissues of our body can be replenished, except from what we eat and drink, and REPLENISHMENT is the great law of life.”

-Norman Walker

Why Invest In Juicers?

Did you know the North American juice beverage industry reached a value of $32.5 billion dollars in 2019? In fact, according to TechNavio, “the juicer market has potential to grow another $666.87 million during 2020 through 2024.” Additionally, with the rise of smart home appliances throughout the years, we expect more juicer manufacturers to explore ways in which they can innovate home appliances and continue to make them more user-friendly.

Sure, you can always buy juices at the store, but having a juicer in your household proves to be more economical. Juices are not cheap, and spending money on the upfront cost for a high-quality juicer will save you more in the long-run compared to buying juices every week. The combination of the growing demand for innovative products and increased health consciousness among individuals may ultimately boost the demand for fruit and vegetable juices, so we were encouraged to explore and design a juicer more aesthetically fit for the modern home.

We’re Juiced To Introduce…

The Walker Juicer, a Hatch Duo concept project aimed to fulfill two main aspects: first, as an homage to Norman Walker, who in 1936 was the pioneer of discovering juicing was beneficial to our health. As the original innovator of juicing, Norman Walker advocated drinking raw vegetable and fresh fruit juices to regain and maintain one’s health. Based on his theories, he designed and developed the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer, which is still produced and sold today. We wanted to design and put our twist on a masticating juicer.

Secondly, we wanted to design a juicer with a small and compact overall footprint. Currently, masticating juicer appliances on the market appear fairly large, and there are no systems put in place to reuse the waste post-juicing or to easily disassemble, clean, or store them.

With an increase of single-family households throughout the years, we saw an opportunity to design a new form factor of a masticating juicer. We aimed to take a compact, friendly, and fun approach to this product while using earth-friendly materials. With its wooden legs using authentic and sustainable forested wood, this will allow users to disassemble easily and store the juice when not in use. We also aimed to design the juicer in a way to look great as a home appliance users will want to leave out. It is space-efficient, designed for a modern aesthetic taste, and perfect for contributing to nutritional health and well-being.  

Designing While Keeping Health In Mind

As we’ve previously mentioned, our goal at Hatch Duo is to problem-solve with design. According to the CDC, guidelines recommend adults consume two cups of both fruits and vegetables. Because both food groups are full of essential nutrients beneficial for optimum health, we wanted to address the need for healthy eating and nutrition. Having a high-quality juicer on hand is convenient in terms of budget and time, and will encourage your family to make and maintain healthy choices. Our idea is to use design and develop home appliances to appear more friendly and fit for the lifestyle you want to achieve.

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