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  • The Future of Daily Life In and Out of Virtual Spaces

    What are the future physical product opportunities of VR? VR is still a relatively young technology and the Metaverse is still in early development. Think back to the creation of the IOT – it’s had nearly 80 years to develop into what it is today. From military origins to public domain, it’s grown to be […]

  • Got Juice? The Walker Juicer: A Hatch Duo Concept Project

    Got Juice? The Walker Juicer: A Hatch Duo Concept Project

    “There is no question whatever about the fact that we are exactly what we eat. There is no other way in which the cells and tissues of our body can be replenished, except from what we eat and drink, and REPLENISHMENT is the great law of life.” -Norman Walker Why Invest In Juicers? Did you […]

  • Re-Imagining Aviation Inspection

    Re-Imagining Aviation Inspection

    Hatch Duo is proud to have been part of the design and engineering development of Rizse’s Dragunfly drone platform. This isn’t just any drone—Rizse is an advanced AI robotics company revolutionizing aircraft inspections. Very proud of the team as we collaborated to encapsulate a state of the art lidar system and high precision camera to […]

  • How Might We Use Design To Change the Future of Farming?

    Food makes the world go ’round. As consumers, we are unknowingly closely connected to the Agricultural industry simply through the food we eat daily. The growing concern of climate change continues to spark interest in the design world, and as designers, we strive to problem-solve. One of the many problems facing the agricultural industry today […]

  • Rimo Presents the Future of Video Chat

    Rimo Presents the Future of Video Chat

    Meet Rimo Let’s face it: we all crave connection. Whether emotional or physical, regular connection on a daily basis is a human need that allows us to maintain our self-care. So what happens if/when we are placed into situations in which we are on one side of the world, and our loved ones on the […]

  • A Doctor’s Favorite Sidekick: Robin Healthcare

    A Doctor’s Favorite Sidekick: Robin Healthcare

    Practice without paperwork: The discovery of Robin Healthcare Imagine this: you’re at a doctor’s appointment with a neck strain that has bothered you for the past couple of months, and your doctor is spending most of their time typing out a course of treatment rather than examining the actual area of discomfort. This is not […]