Hatch-22: Designing During A Pandemic (The Finale)

If you have been following along, we have been documenting our design process as we work with San Francisco startup, Rubbish, in bringing the first smart litter picker-upper to life! Today, we are extremely excited to bring you the final installment as we give you a glimpse into project finalization.

In episode five, Hatch Duo showcased the Mechanical Engineering phase of their design process, Design for Assembly/Manufacturing (DFA/DFM). Through various rounds of CAD and rapid prototyping, Hatch Duo’s Mechanical Engineering team worked tirelessly to get the Rubbish beam ready for manufacturing.

Now that the Mechanical Engineering team has finalized CAD files while keeping design intent intact, the Hatch Duo team is prepared to create Rubbish’s first aesthetic and functional prototype!

In the final episode, you will get an inside look at the final phase of Hatch Duo’s design process. You will see how both the Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering teams approach project finalization. More importantly and most exciting, the Hatch Duo team will present the final design and aesthetic prototype to the Rubbish team.

As a final note, the Hatch Duo team would like to thank you all for joining us along on the journey! Designing a hardware product during a global pandemic had many challenges, but seeing all of the hard work from our team and the Rubbish team, makes us feel grateful and proud of the final product. Thank you again to the Rubbish team for giving us the opportunity and allowing us to document this process. It has been a fun journey, and the best part is, we’re just getting started.

We hope you join us in supporting Rubbish on their upcoming Kickstarter campaign; the Rubbish beam V7 will be available for pickup soon. You can find more information coming soon on Rubbish’s website: http://www.rubbish.love

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