The Secret Behind A Successfully Designed Product (Part Two)

Two weeks ago, we dropped a video talking about the importance of design language and identifying brand elements before putting pen to paper.

Today, we’re back with part two! We’re going to offer you some helpful tips on how to translate a brand feeling into visual design language.

Join Hatch Duo co-founder and Design Principal Jon Thai as he breaks down how we cook up designs at Hatch Duo. Similar to a chef gathering ingredients for the finest recipes, designers need to gather specific elements from a brand to design the finest products.

First, identify the brand attributes of the business, understand who the brand is, and correlate them with visual elements.

Then, take those elements and break them down into three categories: form, CMF (Color, Material Finish), and context (story). Throughout the video, Jon goes over how to apply visuals for each category. Doing so helps our design team get a deeper understanding of who we are designing for, and we feel it’s an essential step in the design process.

Now that you’ve gathered the necessary ingredients, you’re ready to apply visuals to the brand’s products! Once you use this strategy across your product designs, you’ll have a consistent design language.

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