California By Design

We’re going to be on TV! One of our 2019 highlights was participating in more video shoots; the first, as a promotional video for Hatch Duo, and the other, for California By Design.

Airing on Saturdays on CBS, California By Design takes an in-depth look at emerging and innovative products/technology. We were fortunate enough to talk about how we started our first business, Aggregate, and the design process for our unique concrete watch. Below, take a look at some behind the scenes footage from our video shoot, see a sneak peek of our episode, and hear our startup story on Saturday, July 25th!

Our ultimate goal is to inspire the next generation of designers, engineers, and tech startups to put their skills to use, and launch their product ideas! You never know where those ideas will take you.

Thank you to California By Design for having us.
Tune in to CBS on Saturdays!
SF/Bay Area: CBS5 at 7PM PST

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