Hatch-22: Designing During A Pandemic – Mechanical Engineering Phase (DFA/DFM)

Have you ever wondered how your favorite technology devices were designed and brought to market? Even more, how are they developed during a global pandemic? In our first-ever “design-umentary,” you’ll get an inside look at our design process as we work from home.

Join us, Hatch Duo, and our friends at Rubbish, as we bring the world’s first smart litter picker-upper to life during a pandemic.

In episode four, Hatch Duo proceeded with phase 3 of their design process, Micro-Exploration! By creating mock-ups, more sketching, and CAD, the Hatch Duo design team, presented Rubbish with three more design concepts, focusing on an under-arm configuration.

Now that the Rubbish team gave their feedback and has selected the final design to move forward with, the project gets handed off to Hatch Duo’s Mechanical Engineering team.

During this episode, you will get an inside look at Hatch Duo’s Mechanical Engineering phase: design for assembly/design for manufacturing (DFA/DFM). As the Mechanical Engineering team takes over for project Rubbish, their primary goal is to problem-solve and find ways to get the beam to function as easily as possible while keeping its design intact. You’ll see how Hatch Duo’s ME team constantly meets remotely to finalize CAD files, rapid prototype, and bring Rubbish’s first functional prototype to life!

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