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  • The Value Of Design

    The Value Of Design

    One of the most common design misconceptions is that designers aim to “make things look pretty.” People mistakenly think of design as a back-end or decorative portion when in reality, it’s the tip of the spear. It is a process that involves enormous empathy and creative and strategic thinking to better-fit customers’ needs. Incorporating design […]

  • Empathy in Design

    Empathy in Design

    What is Empathy? Before we get to the root of this blog post, it’s important to note the definition of empathy. Often confused with sympathy, empathy is the act of understanding another’s feelings, while sympathy is the act of showing concern for someone else. Where expressing sympathy means maintaining a distance or pitying them, empathy […]

  • How To Make the Best Out of Any Collaboration

    How To Make the Best Out of Any Collaboration

    Collaboration is the foundation of any businesses’ success. As a startup, we understand how difficult it can be to launch a brand or product when certain limitations such as budget, market relevance, expectations, conflicting ideas, or even time hinder immediate success. We get it. We want those product ideas to hit the shelves just as much as you do. Challenges will always […]