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  • How We Designed (Season Two)

    How We Designed (Season Two)

    We are excited to announce that season two of our YouTube Shorts Series, “How We Designed,” will launch tomorrow. For season two, we invite you to explore our work with Grind Basketball, hosted by Hatch Duo’s co-founder and Principal Engineer, Mike Yim. As a slight deviation from our typical design process, our Mechanical Engineering team […]

  • How Might NFTs Redesign the Way We Think About Business?

    How Might NFTs Redesign the Way We Think About Business?

    We recently announced opening the doors to the Hatch Duo Meta Studio this year! When it comes to the digital space, we believe it is essential for our team to understand the metaverse and digital technology and what it can mean for the future of design and product development. Among the many possibilities the metaverse […]

  • Why We Invested In Rubbish

    Love Where You Live Why do people litter? We’re often told about the billions of dollars spent to clean it up, or even how a majority of it ends up in our oceans, impacting wildlife and ultimately, contributing to climate change. Like most things in life, maybe it’s because we’re not fully aware of our […]

  • The Value of Mechanical Engineering

    Written By Mike Yim We’ve talked before about the value of design, but what about the other half of our company, the engineering side? Mechanical engineering is defined as “developing, testing, and building mechanical and thermal sensors and devices” (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). To us, it goes beyond building the product. Without even realizing […]