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  • The Value Of Design

    The Value Of Design

    One of the most common design misconceptions is that designers aim to “make things look pretty.” People mistakenly think of design as a back-end or decorative portion when in reality, it’s the tip of the spear. It is a process that involves enormous empathy and creative and strategic thinking to better-fit customers’ needs. Incorporating design […]

  • Designing For the Future: Part One

    “I need a haircut, but this shelter in place is killing me!” This is an all too familiar thought probably crossing the minds of people across the country right now. Well, probably not a haircut specifically, but I’m sure with how things are going now, we can all agree how much we took basic cosmetology […]

  • All About the Brand

    What Is a Brand? It’s not logos or colors; it’s actually a feeling you get when you think of a company. The more you showcase the product or services you provide, just your name alone can invoke certain emotions in clients and customers. Everything from how you market, what you say / how you say […]

  • Rimo Presents the Future of Video Chat

    Rimo Presents the Future of Video Chat

    Meet Rimo Let’s face it: we all crave connection. Whether emotional or physical, regular connection on a daily basis is a human need that allows us to maintain our self-care. So what happens if/when we are placed into situations in which we are on one side of the world, and our loved ones on the […]

  • It All Started With a Dream…and a Watch: Hatch Duo’s Startup Story

    It All Started With a Dream…and a Watch: Hatch Duo’s Startup Story

    Hatch Duo Incidentally Comes To Life As Jonathan Thai and Michael Yim, the co-founders of Hatch Duo navigated through the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area, inspiration struck at a time when they craved to “pave their own path.” Through this phrase, they decided to use their creativity and passion to begin crafting Aggregate Watches. […]

  • A Doctor’s Favorite Sidekick: Robin Healthcare

    A Doctor’s Favorite Sidekick: Robin Healthcare

    Practice without paperwork: The discovery of Robin Healthcare Imagine this: you’re at a doctor’s appointment with a neck strain that has bothered you for the past couple of months, and your doctor is spending most of their time typing out a course of treatment rather than examining the actual area of discomfort. This is not […]