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  • The Future of Daily Life In and Out of Virtual Spaces

    What are the future physical product opportunities of VR? VR is still a relatively young technology and the Metaverse is still in early development. Think back to the creation of the IOT – it’s had nearly 80 years to develop into what it is today. From military origins to public domain, it’s grown to be […]

  • Why AI Will Never Replace Designers

    Why AI Will Never Replace Designers

    In the longer-term future, AI may be able to create more complex machines, like automated cars or planes. After all, if a machine can create designs, what will stop it from eventually outperforming human designers, right? Fair question. But it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s unlikely that AI will replace design jobs entirely in […]

  • Can AI Replace Designers?

    Can AI Replace Designers?

    But First, What Is AI? First and foremost, we must look at what AI is to understand how AI can affect the product development field. If you’ve seen Sci-Fi films or TV shows, you’ll know AI is nothing new. We define artificial intelligence as “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks […]

  • How Might NFTs Redesign the Way We Think About Business?

    How Might NFTs Redesign the Way We Think About Business?

    We recently announced opening the doors to the Hatch Duo Meta Studio this year! When it comes to the digital space, we believe it is essential for our team to understand the metaverse and digital technology and what it can mean for the future of design and product development. Among the many possibilities the metaverse […]

  • Designing For the Future: Part One

    “I need a haircut, but this shelter in place is killing me!” This is an all too familiar thought probably crossing the minds of people across the country right now. Well, probably not a haircut specifically, but I’m sure with how things are going now, we can all agree how much we took basic cosmetology […]